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Avast Antivirus 2017: How to use the new “Game Mode”

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The 2017 edition of Avast Antivirus comes with a feature that has been designed specifically for gamers. “Game Mode” is optimized to work more effectively with your games.

Having lots of programs running on your PC means that you could be interrupted, when playing your favorite games, by notifications or unexpected updates that require a system reboot. Avast’s new “Game Mode” mutes notifications and pauses the update process meaning you can say goodbye to unwanted interruptions in your gameplay.



Let me walk you through the simple activation process for Avast Antivus 2017’s “Game Mode”

NOTE: These instructions were performed with the beta version of Avast 2017. Changes may have happened since then.

First, go to the “Performance” section in Avast’s sidebar and then select “Game Mode”.


Then click “Add Game” and look for the .exe file that is used to run the game you want to add.


Put the name of the game, make sure that “Activate Game mode at launch” is green and then hit “Save”.


There you have it! Every time you play the game Avast will automatically go into “Game Mode”.

If you want to you can play around with “Game Mode” settings using the icon in the top right.



There are other options you can choose that will affect the performance of “Game Mode”. To access them you must click on “Options”, at the bottom of the side menu.

The first option can be found in the “General Options” tab. “Silent Game Mode” means that you won’t receive any notifications from Avast itself whilst playing your games.


Another option can be found in the “Components” section of the “Options” sidebar. Here you’ll be able to disable Game Mode altogether if you’re not interested in what it has to offer.

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