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How to save passwords in Avast



Avast just added an interesting new feature with its 2016 update that allows you to save the passwords of web pages you visit regularly. These are the main advantages of this new functionality:

–  You just need to remember one password to access all your favorite sites.

How to save passwords in Avast

– When you fill out a form it will autocomplete with the stored information you previously provided.

– It allows you to sync all of your passwords on all of your devices.

– You can create unique and highly secure passwords for each account.

In this video tutorial we will explain the steps you need to follow to enable and configure this feature.

    How to save passwords in Avast por softonic-en

  1. First, open Avast, click on “Passwords” and then on “Overview“.
  2. On “Overview” select “Check my passwords” and then on “Continue”. Avast will now ask you to type a password. This password will be the primary and the one that allows you to access your profile, which will save you time when accessing your web pages, forms, etc. It’s very important to choose a password that is easy to remember because if you forget it, Avast won’t be able to retrieve it.
  3. As you type the password, Avast will tell you if it’s weak, medium, or strong. We recommend you to choose a password that has capital letters, numbers, and special characters to make as safe as possible. If you want to check if you have correctly entered your password please click on the eye icon.
  4. Once the password is entered click on “Create Main Password“.
  5. When that’s done, select your default browser and install the Avast Passwords extension. Click on “Open now” and allow the installation of the extension.
  6. Now Avast Passwords is enabled and running on the browser you’ve selected. Avast recommends you to delete the passwords that were previously saved on the browser.If you want to do so, mark this box and click on “Start Using Avast passwords” to complete the process.

And that’s it! This new feature will allow you to forget all your passwords for good.

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