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"Avast! | Free Antivirus v6.0"

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Avast! Is a good free Anti Virus for some people, but I hate It. I NEVER download free anti virus because usually they are rubbish. The Interface and Apperance for Avast! is extremely Boring, It has not changed since the 4.8 Version. Scan time is extremely rubbish it takes about 3 hours to do just a quick scan. Installation takes forever.Usability is not very good, I scanned with avast! after waiting 3 hours to finish the quick scan and it found no infections, then I scanned with Norton 360 v5.0 and it picked up about 5. (I prefer Norton 360 by far) And when Avast! did find a Trojan It diden't even let me remove it, Norton automatically removed it. If you are going for a free anti virus use comodo or something like that because avast! Is very poor.

  • Eight Real time protection shields
  • Custom scans
  • Sandbox to test out Potentioally dangerous files
  • Runs silently in the background
  • Slow scans
  • Installation takes forever
  • Apperance is boring and old
  • Functionality is poor
  • Opens large windows
  • Web rep is hard and poor to understand

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24 Apr 2011

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