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The best antiviruses of 2016

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The best antiviruses of 2016

Hello, and welcome back to 5 Apps. And today is a bit special for two reasons… number one, this is our first show back of the New Year and we are filled with eager energy. And number two this is our annual round up of the best Antiviruses! Woooow! Yeah!
Now, unlike some of our other shows which are a bit more opinion based, these five apps are decided by data collected from four major independent comparison sites: AV Comparatives, AV-TEST, Dennis Labs, and Virus Bulletin. Through this data, we have measured both the saftey and efficiency of the Antivirus – for a full break down of our findings check out the full article on Softonic.com… the link should be around here somewhere…
So, here are our best 5 antivirus apps, in order of their average score from the tests.
Number five this year is AVG… and while it may only be 5th it is a huge improvement over last year, making it now a solid security solution with more than acceptable performance. The free version includes the basic tools, and offers some extras like AVG Zen, which offers a hub to control the series of all of your devices and remote protection that even covers your family’s smartphones. The PRO version includes protection against dangerous downloads, data safes, antispam, and a firewall to protect your online purchases.
2016 fourth best antivirus is Avast – another greatly improved program. Last year Avast was near the bottom of our selection but huge improvements – particularly in performance – have seen them rise from the ashes. One of its most interesting new tools is a password manager, a way to lock all of your passwords behind a single code – allowing you to add HUGE complexity to your online logins without the need to remember them all. Its new SafeZone Browser provides an isolated Internet connection that gives an extra layer of security while surfing, all while SmartScan analysis your machine, and Cleanup optimizes it.
Taking antivirus bronze in 2016 is Norton. This paid for antivirus always used to top the lists, and once again it is back in contention. It is still a paid service, although the price for the first year is now cheaper, and with a money back guarantee if it fails to keep you malware and virus free. It offers a stack of security behind its powerful detection engine for it. In fact it could be even higher on the podium, but we don’t have benchmarks from 1 of our tests, forcing us to keep it at 3. If you will to pay, Norton also offers multiple tools to protect your identity and any transaction that you make. An excellent choice.
Runner up this year is Kaspersky 2016 edition. This Russian giant in antivirus protection has the highest score for safty on 3 or our four tests, and is one of only four of the antiviruses that took part in all four tests. In addition this year Kaspersky has included a private browsing mode and system monitoring tool that can save you serious headaches with certain malware that want to stay forever in your PC, changing your homepage and your page home. The multi-device protection, password manager, and other monitoring tools are also available among its many security tools.
So which antivirus does Softonic believe is this year’s number one? Well its last years number three, the free antivirus Avira that offers you best security solution across all of your devices. This app has shown great improvements, offering better detection rates than Kaspersky, while also providing the second best ranking in performance tests – providing greater PC stability without compromising security. This year also sees it with an improved antivirus engine, navigation protection, and one of the best systems for detecting zero-day threats – those dangers not yet flagged as a problem. All making it the best antivirus of the year.
Again however, for our full breakdown check out the full article on Softonic.com.
On Friday we will be back to our traditional 5 app format. Until then, share this video, subscribe to our channel, and let us know what you thought of our antivirus comparison in the comment. Stay safe, and I will see you next time.

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