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Private VPN Server for Smartphones

Privacy is a very real concern when browsing the Internet. Avast! SecureLine VPN allows users to remain anonymous and to protect their sensitive personal information.

Main Privacy Features and Functions

Avast! SecureLine VPN is known as a virtual private network. It will essentially "mask" the IP address of the user so that he or she cannot be tracked by third-party programs. This will reduce the chances of downloading a virus and cookies cannot be applied to their operating system. As this program offers servers in 22 countries around the world, finding a connection should normally not present an issue. Unlike some other VPN providers, it is said that Avast! is one of the fastest in terms of connection speeds.

Additional Technical Details

Avast! SecureLine VPN will require at least 75.8 megabytes of free memory in order to function properly. While it has been primarily designed for mobile phones, this program is also compatible with tablets such as the iPad and the iPad Touch. Users can choose to pay on a monthly basis or to subscribe for an entire year at a reduced rate.

* Virtual Private Network (VPN) by the makers of the world’s most-trusted antivirus.
* Protect your privacy online from targeted hacks and general data theft!


* Secure your mobile communications on public Wi-Fi *
Our private encryption ‘tunnel’ prevents hackers from stealing your data from public/open Wi-Fi networks.

* Lowers your data usage *
Compress your data to lower your monthly data usage and your bills.

* Choose your location *
If you travel and need web access from different locations, you may find some sites blocked. Now you can use servers located in multiple countries (e.g. UK, USA, etc.) to access more web content.

How does it work?

avast! SecureLine is a VPN - that protects you from data theft by using a virtual encryption ‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections.


  • Avast! SecureLine VPN is one of the most reliable virtual private networks on the market.
  • A number of subscription plans are available.


  • There is currently no free version of this software.
  • Some users have complained that they are unable to find reliable connections.

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avast! SecureLine VPN


avast! SecureLine VPN iOS App 5.12.0 for iPhone

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